If Air Pollution Were Visible...

"The issue with Air Quality is not the planes"
Says the Head of Heathrow, John Holland-Kaye - 5th Feb 2018

After 75yrs of Jet engine technology, jet engines are now fine tuned like car engines, and no longer output visible black smoke! But that doesnt mean they output fluffy contrails! Like desiel, burning jet fuel is 25 times more deadly than burning petrol. Jet engines blast out deadly Nitrogen dioxide and tiny .25 particulates.

A Jet Engine is just one big exhaust pipe!


Jet engines do not output nice fluffy contrails...


Against a dark blue sky...


BUT against white clouds at 35,000ft

Exhaust gas stays in the atmosphere for 100years - Climate Change...

One in three Heathrow planes are empty!jet-engine

Heathrow's statistics indicate the average plane is only 66% full. Which means every three planes flying to Paris or New York, one is empty! At this time of year (end of January) they are pretty much well empty! Dumb rules insist they fly, or they will loose their slot at Heathrow.

Government (you) subsidise each passenger!

We subsidise Aviation. Every man, woman and child in Britain pays 550 to keep the aviation industry afloat. Ending the Aviation indutry tax consessions would allow for a 2p cut in income tax. For example, a quiet little deal cut in November 2018, transport secretary Chris Grayling said a new route from Newquay to Heathrow with Flybe receiving up to 3.4m in subsidy! Enter the merky world of "exempt from Air Passenger Duty", a quiet 10million fund for start-up's of new domestic routes, European Union exemptions and the Scottish Government's "Memorandum of Understanding".

Deadly noise! Kids banned from living near Heathrow!

70_decibel_noise_contour_map_2010.jpg Dont believe me? Try building a house within the 70 decibel contour round Heathrow and surrounding villages... Noise is just as deadly to humans as air pollution!

1 jet engine carries 50-80 people...

jet-engine jet-engine
Hoppa jets flying roung Britain/the continent eg A320 planes carry about 150 passenges. The plane has 2 engines. So each engine takes 50-80 passengers.
A bus takes 80 passengers. Imagine a giant jet engine on the back of a bus taking 80 people on holiday! Police would instantly pull it over and ticket it for air/noise polllution. Compare the size of a busses exhaust pipe with a jet engine
Bus fuel tank to go to Paris
and a planes fuel tank

A jet uses

20 times more fuel
more pollution
more noise

than a train.

Tax Jet Fuel!

The 1944 Chicago Convention bans tax on jet fuel, and the powerful Aviation Lobby have ensured kerosene remains tax free till now! 15% of the passengers make 70% of the flights which means just 50,000 frequent flyer gold card holders make 50,000,000 of Heathrow's 76million flights a year! (you do the maths!). Its the rich who fly frequenly - to their second homes, weekend holidays... eg Flying form Heathrow to Manchester, Jet fuel costs 8p a liter, but if you or I drive to Manchester by car, we pay... Petrol/desiel costs 1.30 per liter! The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer!

We must halve the number of flights in the world - Today!

...while there is still time. France aims to ban domestic flights - all can be taken by train.
There are more than 10,000 planes in the sky at any given time! A 747 jumbo jet burns 10 tons fuel an hour and carries 140tons of fuel for each 12hr flight. One jumbo can take off or land at Heathrow every 40 seconds.
British planes contribute 37million tons of CO2 to global warming every year (Britains total CO2 output is 450million tons a year). By 2030 Britain must have cut its CO2 output to just 1/4 of the current amount. Instead - we will be allowing Heathrow to add 25,000 extra flights a year in 2019 - with possibly 250,000 extra flights on a 3rd runway! We should be closing down 2 Terminals at Heathrow to reduce fossil fuel consumption, and not let politicians exempt flights from Global Warming treaties!

We want a better Heathrow, not a bigger Heathrow.

1st July 2019