SHE Newsletter 24

3rd Dec 2015

AD-VAN comes to Harmondsworth

Dear SHE Supporters,

If you are free on Friday lunchtime, please join us:-

Harmondsworth Village Green
12:30pm this Friday 4th December 2015

Find out the truth about the Heathrow proposals


No 3rd Runway Protest ADVAN comes to HARMONDSWORTH

A coalition of No Third Runway groups have come together to sponsor a protest Advan. The Advan is travelling from Hammersmith for three days of protest

The Advan, with enormous No Third Runway messages on each side will be met by supporters of Stop Heathrow Expansion

The Advan is driving along the proposed route of flightpaths and devastation should a third runway be built.

The government is about to make an announcement that could change the lives of thousands of people

Donít sit back and do nothing - Stand up for yourself!

A third runway will bring devastation to the Heathrow Villages, with Longford Village, Harmondsworth and Sipson being wiped off the map or left on the boundary. People in other areas such as Harlington, Cranford and West Drayton would suffer more noise, more pollution, more traffic, more misery

(If you have earplugs, you might need them on Friday!)

The Advan moves on to Colnbrook (via Longford Village) for 2.30pm where it will be met by Adam Afriyie MP for Windsor.

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