Shoreham air crash exposes public danger

25th Aug 2015

Shocking photographs and video have been released of the terrible air crash at Shoreham on Saturday. Our thoughts are with the injured and the friends and families of those who were tragically killed.
Eye witness catches the shocking moment of impact on camera.

Eye witness catches the shocking moment of impact on camera.

The wreckage is now being removed and in the coming weeks experts will investigate the cause of the crash. It should be remembered that while aircraft can be fascinating to watch in flight, there is always a potential danger to those on the ground. When aircraft can be routed away from people, such as over the sea, this option shouldn't be dismissed.

People against expansion at Heathrow have repeatedly raised concerns about the vast number of aircraft that fly over London and the surrounding areas each year. The people on the ground are at some risk each time this happens. With aborted landing forcing “go arounds”, even people who are not under flightpaths are not immune to the dangers because an aircraft can change its planned route and, unlike a car that is restricted by the available road network, a plane can fly almost anywhere.

The Shoreham crash demonstrates that while those in aircraft know they are taking a calculated risk when they fly and take that decision to do so, people sitting in their stationary cars (or in their homes for that matter) are often at risk without even realising it.