Aircraft crash at Blackbushe in Hampshire

The announcement that Osama Bin Laden's family members died in the plane crash at Blackbushe airport on Friday will probably ensure this news story gets more coverage than such an event would usually get. Blackbushe airport crash

Television coverage has tended to focus on the identification of a piece of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared over the ocean in March last year while en route from Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. On board were 239 passesngers and crew.

Sadly, plane crashes do happen.

What the crash of the private jet at Blackbushe airport should remind us is that people on the ground are at risk too. This tragedy could have been much worse with considerable numbers of people on the ground killed because the airport was being used to park cars for an auction and there are houses close by.

Take a look at the proposals for a third runway at Heathrow. The runway would be in a densely populated area and aircraft would fly over similar areas and Central London.

Plans also show the new boundary fence at the bottom of people's gardens and one street of over 60 houses in Sipson is surrounded on three sides by boundary fence. It is effectively inside the airport. The third runway would be close to primary schools that are not in the demolition plans either.

Be warned. A third runway is tempting fate and could literally be a recipe for a disaster